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Additional services

Content and Programme

We can help you create the very best delegate experience online with our proven experience in marketing and promotion, content and collateral, speaker liaison, coaching, briefing, customer representation on the platform, conference legacy online, entertainment and gamification.

Production and Technical

We can provide technical production and delivery of your virtual event – user interface and functionality, instructions to speakers and delegates, content creation from pre-recorded video to creative PowerPoint content, live facilitation and show calling.

Delegate Engagement

Ensure your delegate experience is both smooth and compelling. Let us run your registration management, pre-event engagement, networking opportunities and communications before, during and after your event.

Creative and Digital

Events need brands. We create strong brands and apply them consistently across your event microsite, Virt-Us Live, presentations and collateral. Give your delegates an experience that fits your editorial/narrative tone.


We offer a range of cost-effective pricing options, whether for a stand-alone event or an annual subscription for multiple events.

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About your event


Problem-proof virtual events are what we all want, but there are often bumps in the road, and there are many external factors that could have an effect; everything from software, upload and download internet speeds, network security, computer know-how, to user experience.

In the following FAQ’s we aim to answer some of these potential ‘bumps’, but our team is always on hand to support you through your journey.

Does your platform offer Content Management tools?

Yes, we have an intuitive content management system which gives you full control. Populate your event sessions, sponsors pages, or update speaker bios with ease. 

Do you support different content types?

Indeed, we do! Our platform supports all session content types, pre-recorded, live or web conferencing. Our talented in-house production team is on hand to deliver the content your session requires.

Can I have my own dedicated URL?

Certainly – your event will have a URL which is specific to you, via our Virt.US Live platform, e.g.

Can we use our branding?

Your online Virt.US Live platform can be fully branded to suit your company and event. You can do this yourselves, or our in-house team of designers can create something amazing for you. 

What about sponsorship opportunities?

We’ve thought about that, too! There are multiple areas to monetise your event, should you wish. From sponsorship banners, branding embedded into the live stream, tiered ticket access - via our 3rd party registration platform – to post-event access to session recordings, or downloadable content.

Can we upload an event agenda?

As we are experienced in running events, we know how important agendas can be. That’s why you’ll find agendas front and centre, that they are filterable and searchable, user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Can Virt-Us Live integrate with other event programmes?

We can integrate with your chosen registration platform and pull registration data directly into our platform. Whether you prefer Aventri, CVent or Eventbrite, we can integrate with them. Or, you can simply upload registration data via a CSV file import – either way, it’s a seamless process.

Can you integrate via an API with a custom booking system or CRM?

Our platform can integrate with other REST APIs, allowing for custom integrations into your CRM and booking system.

Do you offer live chat functionality?

Our platform comes with an integrated live chat function. It’s easy to moderate session chat, remove inappropriate comments, and stop an individual delegate from posting. 

Can you support live polling?

Running a live poll during an event has never been easier! Pre-define live polls to allow your audience to vote on topics during your presentation, showing the results on the screen, or keep them private. 

What about backing up my data?

Data is backed up automatically hourly and incrementally. Backups enable our digital team to quickly restore lost data in the unlikely event of data corruption or loss. 

What about backing up my data?

Data is backed up automatically hourly and incrementally. Backups enable our digital team to quickly restore lost data in the unlikely event of data corruption or loss.

What about hosting?

Our platform mitigates against server outage and load by load balancers and hot standby servers with floating IP.

What if my delegates are in different time zones?

Our platform supports multiple time zones.

What are the technical requirements to use Virt-Us Live?

Bandwidth Requirements

Our technical team can advise presenters on the optimum setup for streaming video, but a fibre internet connection is highly advised as a minimum. 

However, our platform does mitigate possible bandwidth issues for delegates by providing a low bandwidth web-based mobile experience.

Platform Requirements

Ideally, at least a dual-core machine, running one of the following operating systems:

    - Mac OS X with Mac OS 10.10 and higher

    - Windows 7 and higher

Chrome is the recommended browser for the most seamless experience.

Will my event data be secure?

Our platform runs in a cloud computing environment, served under HTTPS, providing end to end encryption, ensuring your data is safe. We also monitor our web servers and are alerted in real-time when unusual activity occurs. Our platform is hosted with a leading cloud provider, ensuring a scalable hosting solution. Virt-Us Live is also fully GDPR compliant.

How can I ensure only paid delegates can access the event?

All delegates are authenticated via their email address. We also have the option for email-based password less authentication – a code will be sent to the delegates inbox which they then need to input to gain access to the event. Authentication can be implemented at two levels – either before access to the landing page or at the session-level.

Can I use my own Privacy Policy?

Yes, you can use your own event-specific privacy policy.

Can event content be accessed post-event?

Yes, our platform supports a content library for post-event consumption. Utilise existing session/agenda functionality to host session related video and documents.

Do you have reporting tools?

You can easily see how engaged your delegates are using the platforms easy-to-digest analytical insights.

Is Virt-Us GDPR compliant?

Virst-Us is GDPR compliant. We isolate clients data. We give delegates the right to access, and the right to be forgotten. Delegates are required to opt in and we can link to your privacy policy.

Is Virt-Us secure?

Our platform runs in a cloud computing environment, served over HTTPS, providing end to end encryption ensuring your data is safe.

Can you accommodate large numbers of attendees?

We have this covered. Our platform infrastructure utilises both load balancing and a fallback server to maintain app performance during peak load and maintain uptime in the unlikely event of server interruption.